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It should be noted that is a review site that publishes reviews of different daily usage products to help our readers choose the best and most affordable products. Therefore, our website includes a variety of links to affiliate platforms, we receive a commission from third parties if any purchase is made from affiliate platforms using our links. It should be remembered that our affiliate partner currently is Amazon only. We try to bring the best review of technology products, kitchen and home usage products, and a wide range of other daily usage products under the umbrella of the Amazon associate program to earn our part through affiliate marketing.

All the information and data presented on the Reviewzila website ( is to serve the purpose of informational guidance and affiliate program. We present the information for our readers to the best of our knowledge and research about the products. However, we are not responsible for the warranty of these products as we don’t represent these products at any capacity. Our only purpose is to make our readers aware of the qualities and characteristics of these products. All matters related to the sale and after-sale services like availability, warranty, reliability, and other relevant issues are the responsibility of the actual product owners and review zila has nothing to do with these matters.
We are not answerable for these matters at any capacity to anyone under any type of circumstance. We are not liable for loss or damage of purchased products through our links to the affiliate program. The only purpose of our site is to partner with affiliate programs and spread awareness regarding these products and help readers in choosing the best products in accordance with their budget and requirements. 

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Reviewzila ( includes a number of links from third parties. We are not responsible for the warranty of the mentioned products in the given links. We are also not liable for the accuracy, validity, and availability of these products in any way. We use links and graphics provided by third parties for affiliate marketing purposes. There are chances that the actual product is different from the one shown in the images in terms of color, size, and/or any other parameter. We have nothing to do with the payment transactions happening between the consumer and the third party. We receive a commission directly from the third party, we only present relevant information about the product and highlight its pros and cons as well to give an in-depth knowledge about the product to our readers. We don’t sell these products at any capacity. Therefore, we will not be held accountable for the warranty of the product or any other relevant matter. Consumers should deal with such issues on their own and contact the actual product owner in case of any problem.

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