Amazon Echo Dot Review

The echo dot is a small home gadget that is best to control volume and help in controlling Smart home devices. The Built-in Alexa feature allows you to command the Amazon echo dot 3rd gen and utilize its benefits. It is a product from the house of Amazon and has become the choice of every tech-savvy. The voice control platform allows easy interaction with the speaker and other compatible devices.

Moreover, with Alexa echo dot, you can check the weather update, control the smart devices, set alarm, listen to the latest news as well as listen to music. Furthermore, through amazon echo dot you can order food also. Thus, there are a lot of benefits associated with this product. Some other features and benefits that make the echo dot a useful gadget are given below.


Echo dot 3rd gen is a sleek and stylish speaker having fabric design. The compact speaker is small in size and can be fitted in any small space. You can pair it with the stereo sound and enjoy the high bass sound.

Amazon echo dot review favors the overall design and interface of this gadget. The front side includes volume control, action buttons, and mic off button. While the backside of the amazon echo dot 3rd gen includes the light ring, power port, and 3.5mm audio output.

Hardware specs

Echo dot with clock has 3.9*3.9*1.7 inches dimension and weight of about 10.6 oz. Thus, it’s too small and light in weight that you can carry anywhere and place in any compact space. Moreover, it comes with a Dual-band Wi-Fi support network. But it does not support ad hoc peer to peer WIFI networks.

Alexa echo dot also comes with a built-in speaker with a voice feedback system. There is a present 3.5 stereo audio output to connect external speakers and enjoy an amazing music listening experience.

Another incredible feature of echo dot is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can directly control the device from your mobile. Install the mobile app and start controlling your home devices. Moreover, you can command Alexa to perform actions.


The echo dot review provides positive feedback about this gadget. It comes with improved speaker quality and provides a richer sound. You can pair with other stereo systems to have an incredible voice system, you can control and stream music through various apps like Amazon Music, Sirius XM, Apple music, and much more.

You can use Alexa to perform multiple actions. Via Alexa echo dot feature you can say different commands like answer questions. It is a quick responder. Once you say anything, Alexa will perform action within seconds. Thus, you enjoy using all compatible gadgets plus have a hassle free experience of doing home tasks.

Another incredible feature of the Echo dot is that you can control the smart home devices via Alexa. You command to turn on lights, lock the door, adjust thermostats, and many more. You can schedule and create a routine so it automatically controls the home devices.

The Echo dot 3rd generation is equipped with Alexa that is Smart enough to keep you entertained. You don’t only control your home devices but also play games, watch movies as well as utilize this feature for kids’ entertainment. Thus, it is a complete entertainment that will convert your boring time to full of fun.

You can keep on the microphone. In case if the device is on and you are not in the mood to command Alexa then switch off the microphone button. It will protect your privacy.

  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Multiple functions
  • 3.5 mm audio port to connect other stereo devices
  • Voice control to control home devices
  • No USB supports
  • Limited streaming service in some countries

Final Verdict

Alexa echo dot is an incredible device for controlling Smart home gadgets and performing multiple actions. No matter which type of update you need like the setting of an alarm clock, weather update, news, and media it will immediately respond to the voice command. There are a lot of devices you will find in the market but according to Review Zilaamazon echo dot is the best one. Try it and you will find your spending valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

To set the echo dot simply plug in the device and on the switch then install the echo dot app on your smartphone and connect it to your device and start commanding Alexa to perform actions.

The echo dot is a small smart home controlling device and speakers. It provides features for keeping updates about weather and news. Moreover, you can listen to music as well as command Alexa to control home devices like adjustment of thermostats and turning on/off lights.

To reset the echo dot, press the microphone switch off button and volume down simultaneously for 20 seconds or till the blue light changes to orange light.

To connect the device with Wi-Fi first connects with Alexa from the app on your Smartphone. Then go to Alexa and select the echo dot model. Tap ok to pair the device with WIFI. If it does not connect then make sure your router is connected or internet speed is appropriate.

To use an echo dot first plug-in the switch then by using your smartphone connect it with an internet connection and finish the setup and then command Alexa to perform actions.

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