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The Echo Show 5 is the compact, smart, and portable smart alarm clock. This advanced technology gadget is not only to wake you up in the morning rather it is built with multiple functions. It’s the latest entry from the house of Amazon that has to inspire people because of its optimal performance.  It is a smart device that performs all functions that are available in Echo Spot that has a large display alarm clock by Amazon. 

Amazon Echo Show 5 supports Alexa. Therefore, no need to use a hand to snooze alarm rather ask Alexa to snooze and it will do it for you. Plus, ask it to tell you about weather updates and Alexa will immediately provide you weather updates. There are a lot more features that this smart portable device has. Let’s have a glance and find out the reason why every side table must have this digital new era alarm clock system.


Echo Show 5 reviews Show that it is the smaller version of its predecessor. The rectangular wedge shape device has a 5.5 inches display and comes with a single small speaker.  The black in the color compact device can be placed anywhere and help you to stay updated about the time.


The small yet sturdy Echo Show 5 is built with a tough plastic body. It has a screen resolution of about 960*480 pixels and a 4-watt speaker. Moreover, for voice control, the device comes with a microphone so you can easily control Alexa and command her. It is a lightweight gadget having a weight of 14.5 oz. Thus, you can easily carry it during your travels also.

If we see the hardware specs of the Amazon Echo Show 5, we will find it much reliable. The device is built with a MediaTek MT 8163 processor. Moreover, it comes with a 1MP camera having a built-in shutter. Plus, it has the ability to connect with other smart home devices. Therefore, it supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks. 

Furthermore, Echo Shows 5 features Bluetooth connectivity. The Advanced audio Distribution Profile supports audio streaming from your mobile phone. Moreover, you can also control the Audio/Video remote control profile.

The Audio quality is also awesome according to the size of the speakers.  The full range of 1.65 inches speaker has a 3.5mm stereo when connected to external speakers.

Performance and Functionality

Amazon Echo Show 5 review about the device is positive because of optimal performance and multiple functions. It allows you to watch recipes and you can cook along with instructions that you see on the display of Echo Show devices. Plus follow the step-by-step guideline to make a perfect meal. Moreover, it Shows a to-do list and calendars as well. 

The Echo Show 5 offers complete entertainment, you can use Alexa to watch the Tv Shows, movie trailers, news. Perhaps, it is a complete entertainment source and allows you to listen to audio tracks, books, and podcasts.

The Echo Show 5 features Smart home devices control. Connect the compatible devices with and see on screen the light, cameras, and thermostat. You can switch on and off lights, see the security camera and adjust the thermostat.

One of the best things about Echo Show 5 is that you can call or message your friends with this. Moreover, you can also make an announcement to other devices present at home.

You can customize the Echo Show 5 screens by adding the images or photos of your choice. You can schedule your routine and make a time table to work accordingly all day. You can control your privacy also. Side the built-in shutter to cover the camera. Plus, use one press button to shut down the microphone and camera. After doing this it will just act as a digital timepiece.

Amazon Echo Show 5 review Shows that it comes with ready to connect with WIFI. The Alexa App is compatible with iOS, Android, and Fire operating systems. You can use simple steps to connect Echo Show 5 with your home devices.

If we compare the Echo Show 5 vs 8, we will find that there is only a slight difference in specs.  You can buy a later one especially if you are looking for a device of compact size.

  • Multi-functional
  • Compact in design
  • Compatible with different operating systems
  • Have limited video capabilities
  • No support present for Google

Final Verdict

The Echo Show 5 is an incredible smart device that is not only a simple alarm clock rather equipped with different functions. If you are looking for a gadget to control your home devices the Echo Show 5 Black Friday offer is available. Buy at an affordable price and avail its wonderful features.  Review zila had reviewed multiple products and came to the results that echo Show 5 is best among other such gadgets.

The Echo Show is a device by Amazon that is an alarm clock, updates you about weather, shows a calendar plus controls your home devices. Moreover, via Alexa voice control you can ask her to Show movies, news, provide you audio content, and much more.

You can listen to music, podcast, audiobooks. Moreover, you can control Smart home devices like a security camera, adjust thermostats, and switch off and on lights.

If your friend also has an Echo device you can make a video call or message via this incredible compact device.

Echo Show is the smart home device that works with Alexa to control various devices as well as help you watch different entertainment stuff like videos, recipes, reading books, and controlling smart home gadgets.

When you start an Echo Show device it automatically connects to WIFI and your Android or OS devices. After connecting you can set an alarm clock, calendar, to-do list. Plus ask Alexa to complete commands like watch movies, control temperature, set the camera, and much more.

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