Best Amazon Echo Show 8 Review

Echo Show 8 comes with the perfect size of 8-inch display that is ideal to be placed in any space. It is an awesome device that comes with a pretty sharp screen, 1MP camera, and awesome sound quality. Moreover, easy setup, plugin switch on the system and optimal performance all make this the best device of the year.

The device is not a simple alarm clock but supports Alexa to control many home devices. Amazon Echo Show 8 is available in an affordable price range. One can buy to enjoy the amazing features of this gadget with the latest technology. The key facts that make it a choice of the users are described below


The design of the Echo Shows 8 is sleek and stylish. It is a bit larger than Echo Show 5 screen so you can watch movies and other stuff wonderfully. The body is rectangular in front with the base wedge shape to support the gadget elegantly. The backside of the device is wrapped with a fabric that adds beauty to the overall device.

The design includes the 1MP camera having a built-in shutter to open or close it according to your need. Moreover, the 8-inch screen has a resolution of 1280*800 megapixels. So, you enjoy High definition movies in the table with base. You get crisper and sharper image quality. Plus, a lot more detail in the video.

If we see the interface of the device, there is a smart display power port to plug in for this portable device. Moreover, on the rear of the Amazon Echo Show 8, there is the micro USB and 3.5mm headphone jack so you can enjoy listening to music without disturbing others.

The front of the Amazon Echo Show 8 is equipped with a 1Mp camera so you can communicate with your fellows via video chat. Moreover, the camera comes with a physical shutter, you can shut it if the camera is not in use. thus, preventing any dust. Plus, there is the volume button also you can mute as well as mute the topmost button if you don’t have to command Alexa.

The best buy Echo Shows 8 comes with touch screen functionality. There is no physical system, rather you can control the screen via a touch system.  Amazon Echo Show 8 review says that it has a responsive screen feature that is an ideal device and people love to spend money on it.

Another incredible feature of the Amazon Echo Show 8 is that it offers an adaptive brightness feature; it means it automatically adjusts to ambient light. Moreover, you have an option to set the screen brightness level. Simply slide the light bar to set the brightness of your choice.

If we talk about Echo Show 8 video and sound qualities. You can have a video conference with a 1 MP camera. Moreover, it offers the best sound quality and you can enjoy watching movies and listening to music with a superior built in pair of two-inch speakers in the device. The sound is room-filling and you will have a lovely music listening experience.

Hardware specs

EchoShow 8 is a portable device having a weight of 36 oz and comes with the MediaTek MT 8163. It comes with WIFI connecting technology. It supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, it has a Bluetooth connectivity option also. You can connect with the smart devices via WIFI or Bluetooth to avail the amazing features.


Amazon Echo Show 8 offers optimal performance. You can simply switch on Alexa to command your device to perform different actions. Either you want to play music, watch movies, connect to a fellow, or operate the home devices. Alexa will listen to your command and perform the action within seconds; it will not disappoint you on the response and you will love to enjoy using this incredible gadget. Because of the optimal performance, people love to buy this device. If you are interested then avail the Echo Show 8 black Friday deal. Get discounts and have fun with Amazon EchoShow 8.

  • Affordable
  • Size is perfect
  • High-resolution screen Display
  • Multiple functions
  • Lack of YouTube support
  • No full-screen time display option
  • Alexa cannot be switch off

Final Verdict

EchoShow 8 reviews have shown that it is a perfect gadget for those who are looking for a smart home device which controls the system. ReviewZila has tested many products like this and concluded that amazon EchoShow 8 fulfills the requirements. So, if you are looking for this type of gadget then give a chance to EchoShow 8 and avail its marvelous features. if you compare EchoShow5 vs EchoShow 8 the former one has a small screen while the latter with a big screen and better resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

To use the Echo Show 8 you have to simply connect the plug with the switch and the device will start. Tap on the screen to view the menu and utilize its features.

Yes, the EchoShow devices come with a 1 MP camera. It is best to communicate with friends and clients for video calls.

To listen to music on EchoShow you have to download any of the apps from Amazon device support. You can subscribe to Pandora, Spotify, or amazon prime to get the music of your choice

You can buy the Echo Show from Amazon.

Yes, Echo Show is available on Black Friday on discount deals.

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