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For the music, enthusiast Bose QuietComfort 35 makes a perfect match. If you are fond of listening to loud sounds but also don’t want to disturb others sitting around you then you must have the best headphones. The top-rated headphones come with different features like noise cancellation excellent bass, comfort, and excellent battery life. If you are willing to buy the wireless Bluetooth headphones for your iPhone or your android system then you will make the right decision by selecting this among others. It is the marvelous headphone pair that delivers the superior sound quality.

The salient features of the wireless Bluetooth headphones that make them a choice of most music listeners are given below.


 This awesome product from the house of Bose is a wonderful option for those who are always in the mood of listening to music. The ergonomic design offers comfort all day long because of the soft cushioned ear pads. You will feel no pain or tiredness in your ears. Moreover, the adjustable handle of boss quiet comfort 35 easily adjusts with your head. The ear cups size is enough to ideally set on ears of different sizes.

The well constructed wireless Bluetooth is equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can easily connect it with a compatible Bluetooth device. Almost all Android and iOS devices support the Bluetooth of these headphones. You enjoy hassle-free connectivity. Moreover, it supports the Alexa feature. So you simply command Alexa to play particular music and it will perform its action.

The best buy Bose quietcomfort35 operates via battery. The lithium-ion battery is efficient and when it gets fully charged it has the backup time of 20 hours. It is incredible and one can enjoy listening to music during traveling without fear that the battery will be dead soon. So, it is a wonderful option for travelers who love to enjoy their favorite audio tracks during trips.


Bose quiet comfort 35 is an optimum performing gadget. Via the Bose app, you can personalize settings and get future updates. Moreover, you can control the volumes and stereo settings via the app or the side buttons present on the handle.

Another awesome feature of the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones is the noise cancellation feature. It means when you place it on your ears you will not listen to any sound from the surrounding. Thus it gives a soothing music listening experience to the listener. The noise cancellation feature adds the plus point. Therefore, the headphones get a four-star rating.

Another important characteristic of headphones about which we come to know from the Bose QuietComfort reviews is that it works with wire-also.- In case the battery is dead and you have no option for charging in such a situation you can add the wire and connect with your phone. It means there will be no hindrance and you continue listening to your favorite track.

Overall, the Bose quiet comfort 35 is an awesome product and best to use for listening to high volume tracks. Besides its premium quality, you’ll find the Bose quiet 35 ii price very economical. It is a budget-friendly headset that wonderfully fulfills your music listening needs.

The headphone produces excellent bass and you will find no disruptions in the music.

  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Wireless and wired both options
  • 20 hours of battery time
  • If the battery dies there is no option for replacement except charging or using wire.

Final Verdict

Best buy Bose QuietComfort 35 is the perfect pair of headphones for music-lovers. Not only the Bose QuietComfort 35 ii prices are budget-friendly but it also produces premium-quality sound. Furthermore, the noise cancellation feature is another plus point about this product. You can enjoy hurdle free music listening experience. There are many related products in the market but Review zila has found its ideal pair of headphones. It meets all music listening requirements that one expects in the best pair of headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bose quiet comfort 35 works with Bluetooth. To pair the headphones with mobile-first on your headphones and the switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone after that check the paired devices and click on the Bose quiet comfort. In this way, you will connect it with your mobile and enjoy listening to the music of your choice.

To reset the Bose quiet comfort 35 you have to follow the procedure given below

  • First power off your headphones
  • Wait for about 30 seconds
  • Now use a USB charger and connect the headset with a wall outlet
  • Now wait for five seconds
  • Now disconnect the USB cable from the headphones
  • Wait for another one minute
  • Now power on your Bose quiet 35 headphones.

To connect the Bose quiet comfort 35 with mac follow the steps given below

  • Switch on the Bluetooth headsets
  • Open the Bluetooth icon from mac
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your laptop
  • Now check the list of the Bluetooth devices
  • Find your headphone name
  • Click on pair
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the name of the paired device
  • Done
  • Now open the list of music you want to listen to.
  • To connect the Bose quiet comfort 35 to pc you have to power on headphones first.
  • After that open the network settings on the control panel and then click on Bluetooth
  • Power it on the Pc also
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the option of the devices
  • Click on Bose quiet icon and pair it with your PC.

You can charge the Bose quiet by connecting the USB charger to the USB port in your Pc. Or you can connect it to the charger sold separately.

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