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Are you frustrated with internet speed? Do you feel a problem in using the internet via rental cable modem? If yes, then why not buy your own cable modem to enjoy fast internet speed and have an uninterrupted internet browsing experience. Now if you are thinking about which one is best? Then Motorola cable modem is a perfect solution.

This cable modem is built with a wide array of features to help you get rid of internet browsing problems. The ultra-fast DOCSIS technology, Ethernet port bonding and digital tuner all make it the best modem. Let’s explore the feature of the best cable modem router of the year and decide to buy it immediately.


The Motorola cable modem has an interface with five reporting LEDs. It is for each Ethernet port on its back panel. The device is compact in size with dimensions 7.78*2.14”*7.14 inches. You can easily put it in a small space and adjust it conveniently.


A cable modem with Wi-Fi is the optimal performing device. It is certified for Comcast communication and business. Thus, it quickly starts and allows easy setup with computers. It helps in providing high-speed internet without hindrance and you can complete your tasks with no hassle.



Motorola mb8600 review is favorable and many users have started using this device to have the fastest internet speed access. The primary feature that helps the modem to stand out in the market is the presence of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. It is said that it delivers about 1 GB per second. Moreover, it supports 32*8 to the old DOCSIS 3. 

In case if you don’t have the latest 3.1 standards and use the 3.0 then this modem will efficiently support the DCSIS and you will find no interference in web browsing because it helps in the provision of fast internet.

Ethernet port bonding is another wonderful feature of the cable modem router.  It helps in the delivery of the 1 Gbps and more speed. Moreover, it not only provides high speed but the downstream speed is also good that is up to 3.8 Gbps.

The best cable modem router also comes with an Active Queue management feature. The main function of AQM is to reduce internet latency. Thus, it allows quick web page loading as well as improves the loading of interactive apps like video conferencing as well as online gaming. Thus, you will find no delay in the opening of the web pages and everything goes smooth.

Another salient feature of the basic cable modem router is that it comes with one open and three masked GB Ethernet. It allows you to connect the device with a router, Windows/Mac computer, game station, or HDTV. Plus, the device also supports the IPv6 next-generation internet.

Thanks to the Broadcom Full Band capture tuner that efficiently improves the internet speed. Moreover, this technology saves your time as well as energy. The cable modem with Wi-Fi is built with the multi-processor technology having the ARM based application processor. The main function is to provide high performance as well as a slow latency. Thus, it is another aspect that helps you to download games and other such apps quickly.

  • Support for DOCSIS 3.1
  • Compact design
  • 5 LED indicators
  • Reduce latency
  • Helps in downloading 3D apps and games.
  • Activation takes some time

Final Verdict

Motorola cable modem is the best solution to cover up internet access problems. If you are getting slow internet from the rental cable system then give a try to Motorola cable modem with wifi. It is the latest tech device that supports the latest DOCSIS 3.1. Moreover, it has all features that help you connect internet speedily and allow hurdles-free internet browsing. It is a smart machine that you can place in any small place and easily connect with your computer system. Review zila has tested this modem and found it worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cable modem is a device that you directly connect with your computer to get access to the internet.

Cable modems are the digital translators. These receive signals from the ISP network. After receiving it immediately convert it into the digital language and then distribute it to a local network via Ethernet cable or through a Wi-Fi connection.

The null modem cable is the R series cable. In this receive and transmit lines are interlinked. These are connected via an adaptor having cross-links. Via this cable, the modem is connected to a computer to provide smooth access to the internet.

Resetting or restarting the modem is essential to fix the internet issues. Sometimes the modem gets changed and does not work properly. Therefore, to keep it functional there is a need to restart the modem after a few days.

  • To make a connection of the fax machine with the cable modem you have to connect the one end of the telephone cable with the line portal of the fax machine
  • Connect the other end with the phone portal on the cable modem
  • Now connect the analog telephone to the telephone port of the fax machine.
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