Best Cool Mist Humidifier

Are you suffering from chest congestion? Do you have this problem and need a humidifier to get relief from this condition? Do you want to get rid of congestion? If you have this problem frequently and you want quick relief then the best cool mist humidifier is the perfect option. The humidifiers are the latest technology gadgets that release the cool mist and deliver medicine directly to the chest via the nasal passage. Thus, the medicines dilute the mucus and help in getting relief from the problem. Some key features that make the levoit humidifiers the best remedy for chest congestion include


Vicks cool mist humidifier is a large aroma box having a capacity of 1.5 gallons. It is a large box that easily covers the whole room. It makes a perfect solution for the placement in doctor’s cleaning. Moreover, you can switch on the warm or cool-mist humidifier to soothe your whole family. Plus the aroma generator splits the mist frequently thus giving you a comfortable environment. Plus, it is an ultimate solution to get rid of annoying congestion issues.

The warm mist humidifier is awesome as once you fill it you can avail its benefits for continuous 60 hours. It delivers about 500ml per hour. 


The best cool mist humidifier comes with the easy to use control systems. The auto mode allows it to automatically decide the mist level to maintain a comfortable level. Moreover, it auto switch feature is a wonderful characteristic. It is because if the tank runs out of the water, it turns off itself. It is an ideal aromatherapy gadget that you can place in your room. Add your favorite essential oil and give your room a refreshing feel. Add rose water or the special thanksgiving fragrance this winter and give your room a refreshing and soothing aroma.


To use this cool mist humidifier the kit comes with remote control. You can adjust the timer with 1 to 12 hours timing. Thus you can set the timings and it automatically switches off at mid of night. So, no need to wake up at midnight to turn off the machine rather the time will automatically switch off and you will have continuous sleep. The best thing about the levoit humidifiers is that they offer quite an operation. You will find no noise as well as you can turn off the display. Thus you will not get irritated because of noise or sharp display light. So, the humidifier keeps on working and you will have a peaceful sleep experience.

Cleaning of the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier

Maintaining the best cool mist humidifier is very simple. You don’t have to spend extra time cleaning the tank. It is because it comes with a wide opening. Simply open the lid and wipe out the particles embedded inside the tank. You can wash it also but you have to be careful. Make sure water should not penetrate inside the air vent as it will create a problem in the functionality of the humidifier.

On buying warm or cool mist humidifiers you get absorption pads and a cleaning brush. Thus, you can conveniently use the kit to clean the machine.

  • Large capacity
  • Auto mist level adjustment
  • Auto timer
  • Noise-free
  • Display light can be turned off during the night
  • Extra-large need suitable space to place

Final Thoughts

Best cool mist humidifiers the best remedy for those who have chest congestion problems and they want the humidifier to keep the environment moist. Moreover, Vicks cool mist humidifier offers the best aromatherapy. Review Zila has conducted tests on many such machines but found this mist humidifier the best in the market. Its price, size, display, auto mode, and everything in between make it the perfect option to buy for the office or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy to clean the mist humidifier. You simply use the absorbent pads and cleaning brush to thoroughly wipe out the tank. Moreover, you can rinse it carefully with water to remove all particles from it. At the end use the damp cloth to wipe out the water spots and refill with water and Vicks to avail its benefits.

Cool mist humidifiers work by spreading water droplets in the air with help of the oscillating fan. The water drops are pulled up in the wick and then dispersed in the air other humidifiers work with ultrasonic vibration technology. It breaks water droplets in the mist form and then disperse in the air.

The evaporative cool mist humidifiers keep the room temperature normal. The fan disperses the mist particles according to the room temperature. These keep the room environment comfortable and humid.

Both types have their own benefits. You can buy warm humidifiers for relieving chest congestion as the warm droplets melt the mucus and help in getting rid of congestion. While the cool one also dilutes the mucus in the chest but they are the best option for aromatherapy also. You can buy the one that suits your needs

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