Best Dell Docking Station for Laptop Review

The docking station is the hub that provides the plugging of a laptop with multiple monitors. These come with different connectors, users, and power signaling. This technology is ideal to use for connecting gaming consoles. It makes the laptop the substitute for the desktop systems. 

There are varieties of laptop docking satiation you will find in the market. This dell, docking laptop is the perfect match for those who need to connect different devices to their laptop. The docking system comes with an excellent design that is suitable to meet the computing demands. Let’s check the features of the hub to understand why the model is the choice of users and computer programmers, who use it to complete their computer related tasks.


The docking station for the laptop comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports and 4 pin USB type A. For headphone connectivity there is present a headphone input as well as 3.5 mm output.

Furthermore, the docking station comes with super speed USB 3.0 and 9 pin USB type A and 1 network of RJ-45. It comes with a display port with 20 pins for connection of the supersede cable.

There is also a HDMI port present with 19 pin HDMI type A and the other one is the HDMI DVI adaptor. This helps in the setup to the triple monitor setup. All these are connected with different devices.

The USB c docking system can be connected to the three additional monitors. You can also connect the external devices and the internet with a single cable. It enhances the capability of the portable PC and customizes the computing environment.

The sleek and smart dock can be placed anywhere that improves the entertainment as well as productivity options. It offers high-speed connectivity and also supports Ultra HD 4K display. The best thing about the dell docking station is that you can connect the PXE boot and Wake-on-LAN.


Hard drive dell docking station can connect to various external devices as well as the internet via a single cable. It enables the PC to display the 4K resolution when you connect it with the PC.

The best docking station allows the ultra-fast data transfer speed among the devices connected via the dock. The USB 3 and USB 2 ports have compatibility with many external devices like printers, hard drives, and scanners. Moreover, you can do the charging of external devices via a docking system.

You can use the best docking station to connect with speakers. Thus, you can get the pure theatre environment in your room. You can enjoy the high quality sound by connecting the speaker with the plug cable USB-c triple display docking station.

  • Multiple ports for connecting three monitors at one time
  • USB 3
  • USB 2
  • Audio jack
  • Headphone port
  • It has all ports but is not connected with Ubuntu.

Final Thoughts

A hard drive docking station is a wonderful option for those who need connection of monitors simultaneously to do their computing work. This is the best docking station of the year because it contains maximum ports to connect with external devices like printer or cameras. Review Zila has tested many docking stations but found the dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display docking station (d3100) best among others. If you are fond of playing games or your workplace needs a connection of different external devices then the dell docking station is the perfect solution

Frequently Asked Questions

The docking station is the hub that comes with multiple ports to connect the external device like monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, or scanners.

There are present three types of ports for the monitors. You can connect one side with a dock and the other device with monitors to operate three monitors simultaneously.

You can connect the monitor to a dell docking system by using the USB or the HDMI or VGA cable. Use any type of cable to connect with ports and switch on multiple monitors with one laptop.

To utilize the benefits of the docking system you have to connect the dock with a laptop while using the cable connecting the monitors with the docking hub. In this way, it creates the complete unit and you can operate three monitors from a single laptop.

A docking station powers the laptop and operates one or more displays by connecting to a wired network. It helps you keep the USB devices connected and helps in the charging of external devices also.

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