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Are you looking for a desktop to give to your son? Or want to complete your office tasks at home via desktop then Acer aspire desktop is a perfect match. The sleek and stylish pure black desktop will ideally fit your room space and help you tackle your computer-based tasks conveniently.

It is a complete machine that helps to finish the basic computing projects as well as offer multimedia entertainment. Acer desktop computer is the sturdy hub for managing all your office as well as university tasks. Are you willing to buy this latest technology machine? Then first have a glance at its features to decide easily and make your spending worthy.


Acer desktop computers are always inspiring. Just like predecessors, this model is awesome too. The sleek style desktop has an angular front panel and is crafted with black plastic. It made a perfect blend with your office decor as well as your home furniture. The nice budget desktop has a slim body and easily fits on the compact tabletop.

Acer desktop computer reviews show that the computer system is moderate in size. It measures about 13.4*6.4*13.8 inches. It takes a little surface and looks elegant when placed on any surface.

Interior Design

The hardware of the desktop pc by Acer is very easy to change and compatible. You just need a screwdriver to open the rear plate to get into the hardware of Acer aspire desktop and change its specs. You have to remove two screws on the rear of the tower body and side the left panel to view the hardware of the computer system. All are arranged in the best way and you can check hardware quickly.

Hardware Specifications

The best gaming desktop from the house of Acer is equipped with the latest technology hardware. If we view inside of the tower desktop we will find the Intel core i5-9400 processor, 512 GB SSD, and 12 GB of memory. The interface of this computer desktop is very user friendly. It comes with a USB-C port, one USB 3.1 port. Headphone and mic jack, SD card slot, Gigabit Ethernet jack, VGA port, and two HDMI connections.

Acer desktop computers have wired keyboard and mouse connectivity. Plus, there is a present Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless Connectivity

Acer aspire desktop is equipped with Wifi 6 based on 802.11 ax standard. It is the best wireless connectivity technology that allows smooth internet browsing. You will find no hindrance while doing work on the internet and experience the best internet speed with this new gigabit wireless connectivity system.


Acer aspire desktop reviews have a quite positive response about this desktop. It is known as the gaming desktop because of the latest graphic card. Moreover, the core i5 processor works best and gives excellent speed for processing multiple programs at one time. The desktop pc has excellent performance. It works well when you run different programs at one time. Either you need to do web browsing, video conferencing, and work on the spreadsheet you will not be annoyed as the Acer aspire desktop functions very well.

  • Best value
  • Latest specs
  • Fast processing
  • USB c port
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Sometimes it takes time to get started especially when you initiate 3D apps.

Final Verdict

Acer aspire desktop reviews are favorable for the office workers as well as students. It comes with all the latest specs that you need for multimedia entertainment as well as to perform office-related tasks. Review Zila has tested different tower desktops and studied their specs but found the Acer aspire desktop the best in all. Its design, functionality, and performance all meet the user’s expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acer aspire desktop is the best and high performing computer in the desktop series.

You can buy a cheap desktop-like Acer Aspire through Amazon.

The cheap plus premium quality computer with excellent specs starts from $500.

You can get refurbished desktop computers from Amazon.

Desktop computers are available at cheap prices to as much as a high cost. Usually, the cheap but good quality computers are available under $600.

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