Best Gaming Monitor Review 2023

Are you fond of playing games on the computer? Are you looking for a monitor screen with high resolution? Then give a chance to Acer XZ2 large and best gaming monitor. It is an awesome choice for game lovers because it comes with HD display technology as well as sharp colors to help you to stay involved with your games for hours. 

The gaming monitor covers all features that you like to have in the best one. From design, performances, colors, and all features in between are perfect. You will not be disappointed with spending money on this exceptional screen for playing games.


144 Hz gaming monitor has a stylish design. It is light in weight and comes with a display stand. The monitor has a round swinging base. Moreover, for tilt adjustment it features a red anodized aluminum neck. Thus, you can completely move and adjust it according to your position.

The rear of the best gaming monitor has a red design on it while the front is totally black and lacks any design element. The overall appeal is awesome can be perfectly matched with your room decor. Even it can fit well with your family computer. It will make a perfect match.

It is not a flat-screen monitor rather the display is somewhat curved. The best gaming budget monitor has a curve with a rating of 1500R. It is a wonderful option to enjoy games for players. Moreover, it is a best option also for doing office work.

The zero frame design has 2 speakers that create an awesome sound. Each speaker takes a power of 2 watts. The curved gaming monitor is large. It is a 27-inch screen that offers a superb gaming experience. It seems you are playing in the theatre with clear images with no blurring and no screen shattering. 


Control and Connecting Ports

The best gaming monitor 2020 comes with two HDMI ports, a power connector, and a headphone jack. But, there is no USB – or any USB hub to connect the external devices. 

The OSD of the best gaming monitor is very simple. At the bottom right corner is present a directional hub to control the display. On pressing you get the quick menu to set the brightness, color modes, and input. If you click on the full menu you can adjust the picture. On moving towards the picture menu you can adjust the HDR, sharpness, and contrast. While in the color-sub menu of the best budget gaming monitor you can do adjustment of colors as well as set the temperature control and gamma.

Another important feature of the curved gaming monitor is that it allows free synchronization. Moreover, you can set the virtual aim point, overdrive mode as well as change the refresh rate.

Display Quality

Gaming monitor review shows the image quality is quite satisfactory. The QHD VA panel has a screen resolution of 2560*3000:1. It works with VA technology that sharpens the image and gives an awesome game playing experience. 

The best budget gaming monitor has excellent performance. The 165 Hz gaming monitor offers a 4m response rate that is best for playing games. Although in the market 240 Hz gaming monitors are available too yet this Acer model is awesome. You will find no compromise on image quality and resolution. Thus, it provides wonderful colors and you play a game with clear crisp screen quality.

The best gaming monitor 2020 has a VA panel that delivers perfect colors and response rate. The free sync feature does not allow any flickering, shuttering, or tearing. Moreover, the best gaming monitor supports the G-Sync os it works nicely with different gaming consoles like Nvidia.

  • Curved screen
  • High display resolution
  • Large screen
  • HDMI and headphone jack
  • VA panel
  • No USB hub and no support for USB-C

Final Verdict

The best gaming monitor by Acer Company has won the heart of game lovers because of its exceptional display quality and Free Sync features. ReviewZila has reviewed this product thoroughly and found it the best gaming monitor 2020. You can buy and enjoy playing games with superior HD quality without having any flickering experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the best gaming monitor it is good to check the screen resolution, Free Sync, response rate and VA technology. These all features provide clear crisp image quality plus your game will run smoothly. Moreover, you will find no shattering and tearing of images on the screen.

Although there are a variety of models available in the market to enjoy games, Acer XZ27 is the best monitor of the year because of its excellent screen resolution and latest VA panel technology.

The gaming monitor comes with a large screen. Acer X727 has a 27 inches screen.

Amazon is the best online portal to buy the best gaming monitor.

A monitor having a refresh rate of more than 144 Hz is considered the best gaming monitor because it helps in providing a smooth game playing experience.

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