Best Netgear Cable Modem Router Review

Netgear cable modem is one of the best solutions to get the fastest speed internet. You can optimize the wifi coverage that you get from the cable internet provider. You can get excellent download speeds and an improved browsing experience. Moreover, you will face no internet speed issue even during peak hours.

The best cable modem comes with the DOCSIS 3.1 technology. It takes the low internet speed to a high level thus reducing the gaming latency. Moreover, it improves the user experience for downloading the virtual and AR technology applications. Netgear cable modem cm100 can provide the internet with a speed of 1 Gbps. Thus allow faster access as well as quick download of movies or games or all such stuff.

Features of Netgear cable modem

The salient features of the Netgear cable modem that make it a choice of users. The sleek and a stylishly designed cable modem with wifi offers the 1 Gbps download speed. You can stream HD videos and be able to download movies, games, and applications. Netgear cable modem router is the perfect solution for the XFINITY Gigabit/extreme internet plans and the Blast plans.


Netgear Cable Modem Cm1000 offers the 8 upstream and 32 downstream channels. Plus, it offers 2 FDM down streams as well as the 2FDM upstream channels for DOCSIS 3.1 connections. Thus it offers the fastest speed internet connection. The best thing about the cable modem is that it is a self-activation web-based service. It means it does not require the service call to avail its services.


Netgear cable modem routers have one Ethernet port having auto-sensing technology. Plus, there is present IPv6 support. The device is compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7,8,10 2000, Mac other operating systems. Moreover, it works best with the Firefox 2, Google chrome-11, and Explorer 5.0 browsers. The cable modem does not work with the cable bundles voice servers.


 Netgear Cable Modem is an optimal performing device that solves all your internet speed-related problems. No need to worry if you get a slow speed internet connection then the DOCSIS technology will work efficiently and convert lazy internet speed to the fastest one.

  • Support 3.1 DOCSIS
  • Fast internet speed
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Compact in size
  • Sometimes the internet speed get slows

Final Verdict

Netgear cable modem reviews are satisfactory and users like to install this modem with a computer to enjoy fast speed internet access. You can get a cable modem at an affordable price. Making a connection with a Netgear cable modem router is very simple. Once you connect it will start converting the internet to the fastest speed. Thus you can conveniently download the games 3D apps or any augmented related content without wastage of time. Plus, best Netgear cable modem offers a fast internet browsing experience. Review zila has tested many routers but Netgear cable modem is found better than others. So, kindly give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To reset the cable modem you have to press the reset button for a few seconds.
  • It will switch off the modem light
  • Wait for three to five minutes
  • Now restart again your modem will start with the default settings.

To set up your modem, connect the coaxial cable in the modem and other on the LAN port of your computer. Now plug in your modem switch and start your device.

When you open the cable modem in the directory you will find a complete web address with HTTP. Enter that URL to the web browser. You will get access to the page. Here you have to enter the username or password. Usually, it is admin and the password is 0000. You can check it on the user manual. Enter the username and password. Click OK. In this way, you will unlock the modem and get access to the internet.

To test the cable modem, open the web browser and type on the IP address bar.

Scroll down to check the upstream and Downstream of the DNS server

Here you will see the values and will know about the speed coverage by the cable modem.

The Comcast or Xfinity users can open the service provider website and get access to free hotspots. On clicking, they can start configuring the internet by connecting with a cable modem.

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