The Best White Noise Machine for 2020

A sound sleep is the key to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. People with inability to sleep properly during night find it challenging to perform their daily chores efficiently. Additionally, children usually don’t sleep at night and make it quite difficult for their parents to get a proper sleep time during night. The best way to take care of this issue is using white noise machine or sound sleep machine.

These sleep sound machines can help you sleep peacefully as it generates calming and pleasing sounds like the sound of wind blowing through or the sound of a rushing waterfall. Such sounds calm listeners and make them sleep peacefully.  The sleep machine works really well in case of babies who stay up during nights and trouble their parents. Children creating disturbance during night make it really difficult for their parents to perform their everyday tasks properly as they are deprived of sleep. 

It is important to know about the working of these machines. White noise machines got their name because these machines generate sounds of almost all frequencies just like the white light is a combination of lights of all other natural colors. The main purpose of a white noise machine is to mask other sounds that are present in the surroundings like noise of traffic on busy roads of a city. Some of these machines are even specifically designed for infants. These machines generate white noise for baby like heartbeat that provides babies with the sense of presence of their mothers near them. With the presence of white noise machine, baby can quickly fall asleep even if there are other sounds nearby because the white noise for baby tends to block all other noises effectively.

This soothing sound machine can also help sensitive people go to sleep easily as a quiet room may force them to stay alert all the time during night and pay attention to any feeble sound coming from a considerable distance. These sleep machine sounds prevent any kind of distraction and help sensitive people fall asleep quickly.

We decided to help people facing difficulties in having a sound sleep with the selection of the best white noise machine for their usage. It should be noted that not all sleep sound machines are equally effective, some of them work better while others fail to serve the purpose. We know how essential it is for parents to have the best white noise machine for baby that is capable of making their child fall asleep real quick and easy.

However, you don’t have to worry about the selection of the best white noise machine anymore, as we are here to help you with that. We have carried out a deep research and used some online sources while looking for a highly effective sound machine for sleep. We have made a list of some of these machines that proved to be the best of the lot and decided to make our readers aware of the characteristics and pros and cons of these machines. Our research will help you get your hands on the best white noise machine that fits your requirements perfectly in an easy manner. The characteristics, pros, and cons of top-performing white noise machines for sleep are detailed below:

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

HoMedics as usual came up with the best sleep therapy sound machine. The HoMedics  machine is really effective and loaded with a variety of useful features that will help you sleep in your home, during travel, and anywhere else. This machine comes in three different color variations that are blue, gold, and silver. It offers users with an option of choosing the soothing sound of their choice from 6 different digitally recorded sounds available with this machine. The Homedics machine can play soothing sounds like white noise, ocean, rain, thunder, summer night, and brook sounds. These sounds can effectively create a natural feel and help you have a sound sleep. Not only that, this machine comes with a number of amazing features and important accessories to use this machine easily while you are on the go. Here are some pros and cons of this machine to help you have a clear view whether you should purchase this product or not:

  • The HoMedics white noise machine is equipped with 6 distinct digitally recorded soothing sounds.
  • This machine is a complete package yet an affordable choice to address sleep issues.
  • This machine is also suitable for travel as it is easy to carry because of its compact structure and totally portable if you want to take it with you during a journey.
  • The HoMedics machine can be powered using two methods either with the wall adaptor for charging or 4 AA batteries. You can choose the most suitable way of charging it.
  • Chances of breakage of cable connector if not looked after properly.
  • May start generating static sounds over time.

Letsfit White Noise Machine

This white noise machine by Letsfit is suitable for multiple purposes and can fulfill a number of requirements easily. This machine is available in black, brown, white, and wood grain colors. It comes with 14 different soothing and peaceful soundtracks that help restless people and even babies fall asleep in a quick time. This machine is very effective to put fussy infants to sleep immediately with calming soundtracks filled with natural sounds, this will make your baby sleep longer and bring comfort for the whole family. This machine comes with the timer function that allows you to set a fixed play time of a specific soundtrack and after that this machine will stop playing the sounds and set itself off after 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes as per the setting of auto-off timer. This machine comes with a night light to keep the environment of the room comfortable for people and especially babies. Some pros and cons of Letsfit white noise sleep machine are listed below:

  • The Letsfit sleep machine is extremely effective for the sleep of babies and plays calming natural sounds to put them asleep quickly.
  • It comes with a nightlight that comforts babies and makes it easier for mothers to take care of their babies.
  • This machine doesn’t need a lot of space as it is small in size and can be placed anywhere.
  • This machine is an affordable device to mask nearby unpleasant noises and distractions.
  • The nightlight of this machine is adjustable which helps to keep this light comfortable for everyone without spreading too much brightness during the nighttime.
  • Letsfit white noise machine lacks the power button and the only way to turn it off without setting the timer is plugging it off.
  • This machine may get faulty over time because of frequent use.

Magicteam White Noise Machine

This machine is very efficient and comes with a number of useful features that make it one of the stand out sleep sound machines available. This machine not only plays white noise, but it also plays brown noise, blue noise, and even pink noise. Therefore, it’s the best pink noise machine for sleep available right now. In addition to colored noises it plays a number of sounds to put you asleep. It works effectively for infants, small kids, and adults alike with its 20 non looping sounds including the sound of a running fan and other soothing natural sounds. It comes with 32 distinct volume levels to suit your requirements. This machine is equipped with solid design and adaptive sound that makes it unique. Here are some pros and cons of this machine.

  • This machine can be powered with AC or USB which makes it usable anywhere even if a wall plug is not near.
  • You can also use it while on the go because of its compact design and the USB power option.
  • This portable sound machine can accompany you at the office and during travel.
  • It comes with a memory function that enables it to remember previous volume, sound, and auto turn off time.
  • This machine can play soothing sounds for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, and even 5 hours and then set itself off automatically.
  • This machine may start generating static sound over time because of frequent use.
  • The Magicteam sleep sound machine may break down if not handled properly.

Marpac Hushh White Noise Machine for Baby

This machine is especially designed to comfort babies and make them sleep longer. It plays 3 soothing natural sounds to put infants and small fussy kids asleep easily. It is effective in masking the surrounding noises and prevents distractions for improved sleep time. This machine comes with 3 highly effective sleep sounds including bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf. You can play any of them and set the volume level according to your preference. This machine also comes with a baby safe clip to keep it out of the reach of babies. It is a rechargeable white noise machine that can be charged with a USB cable that also comes with it. This machine is operable all night long on just a single charge. Although it is specifically designed for babies, but, it can also help adults sleep properly. Here are some pros and cons of Marpac Hushh white noise machine.

  • Marpac Hushh is a handy machine that can fit anywhere and it also comes with a baby-safe clip so it can be attached to anything as well.
  • It is a USB rechargeable device that makes it truly a portable sound machine that can be used anywhere.
  • It also comes with useful features like a baby lock and LED nightlight.
  • This useful sleep machine is also equipped with a 1-year warranty.
  • The power button may stop responding or become faulty because of frequent use.
  • Prone to break if not looked after properly and used roughly.

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine

Marpac is a renowned brand when it comes to manufacturing sleep sound machines. Marpac Dohm Classic  is one such highly efficient white noise machine. It is liked by a large number of people since years because of soothing original sounds produced by this machine to put people asleep. This machine comes with a classic design that is compact and looks pretty basic which is capable of fitting anywhere. This classic white noise machine by Marpac is available in multiple color options like black, white, gray, tan, camo, and pink whatever suits your choice. The Marpac Dohm Classic white noise machine is powered with a 120 V AC plug that comes with a 6 feet long cable for distant connections if you are looking to place it at distance from the wall plug. Here are some pros and cons of this amazing sound sleep machine:

  • Marpac Dohm Classic white noise machine offers you a customized sound experience with adjustable tone and volume for a personalized sleeping environment.
  • This amazing machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a 101-night usage on a trial basis to make you fully satisfied with the working of this machine.
  • A classic machine that is simple to use and comes with a 6 feet long connector cable and plugs to help you place this white noise machine at your preferred place.
  • This machine is compact and comes with a classic handy design that is capable of fitting anywhere.
  • As with all white noise machines, this machine is prone to fall damages as well.
  • The loudness of the volume produced by the machine may get affected with frequent use over time.

Hatch Restore Sound Sleep Machine

Calling this white noise machine a smart device will not be an exaggeration while looking at all the features in it. This is the best sleep sound machine for you if you are fond of smart devices and want to use a device for a variety of purposes. Hatch Restore is your ideal companion for a sound sleep and a gentle wake up. This machine features a wide range of soothing sounds to help you prepare yourself for sleep and sleep peacefully. This machine comes with a smart routine scheduler that helps you personalize your sleep and wake routine with this machine. Once you specify your sleep wake routine on this machine, the Hatch Restore will help you fall asleep timely, have a sound sleep, and wake up all refreshed with its alarm feature that wakes you up gently. Here are some pros and cons of this smart white noise machine:

  • With Hatch Restore you can specify a personalized sleep wake routine that will help you fall asleep timely, stay asleep peacefully, and wake up easily with a custom sunrise alarm clock.
  • This smart white noise machine is controlled with soft touch buttons. However, there is a more comfortable and smart way to control this machine using the free companion app for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Hatch Restore features a large number of soothing sounds and content to comfort you anytime and make you fall asleep when it is the time to sleep.
  • This machine also features a soft-glow reading light to help you create a peaceful environment with soothing sounds and comfortable light without any trace of blue hues.
  • You may face difficulty while connecting Hatch Restore with the companion app installed on your smartphone.
  • May show problems while connecting with your Home WiFi network.

Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan Sound Machine

The Lectrofan sound machine is designed to make you fall asleep and ensure your sound sleep by masking distractions and other nearby sounds. It blocks disruptive environmental noises and makes sure you are comfortable. This machine comes in multiple style and color variations. The classic style version comes in black and white colors while the evo style comes in evo white and charcoal colors. In addition to the style and colors, this machine produces 10 ambient noise variations including whit, brown, and pink noises. It also plays ten distinct fan sounds for your comfortable sleep. Additionally, it comes with precise volume controls to keep the volume levels of sound produced by this machine in check and adjust the volume according to your comfort. Lectrofan has a solid and compact design which makes it pretty usable. Here are some pros and cons of Lectrofan sound and white noise machine:

  • The Lectrofan machine comes with a 1,000-day user's satisfaction guarantee.
  • This machine is powered with AC or USB for convenient use and portability.
  • Lectrofan effectively blocks distractions and disruptive noises coming from the nearby areas.
  • This machine plays a number of sounds