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In this modern era, life seems incomplete without the internet. Almost everyone needs the internet to stay connected with their clients, family members as well as to build the business chain. Therefore, to meet the demand there is a need for a wireless router that is efficient and allows fast internet access. If you are hunting for an exceptional router to deliver your device to a speedy internet then the Tp Link ac1750 smart WIFI router is a perfect match.

Tp-link is known as the best WIFI router because of the quality of service, parental control plus it comes with two years of warranty. There are so many other incredible features that make the Tp-link the best WIFI router of 2019. Let’s explore the awesome characteristics of the best long-range router. 


Tp-link ac1750 smart WIFI router is a small and discreet device that can be placed at any small space. The compact design is built with all functional units to deliver the appropriate rate of the internet to multiple devices simultaneously. It offers exceptional Wi-Fi coverage because of the presence of three high gain antennas. Moreover, it is equipped with amplifiers to connect every device.  Nectar act1750 smart Wi-Fi can cover the internet from living in the backyard.

Hardware specs

If we talk about the construction of this best WIFI router we will find the sturdy plastic body powered by the QUALCOMM Atheros QCA9563 Wi-Fi chip. There is a 750 MHz processor with a RAM of128GB. To hold the flash storage for settings, this best long-range router is equipped with 16MB storage.

The throughput of the Tp-link ac1750 smart WIFI router is 450Mbps for its 2.4GHz band while for 5 GHz it is 1.3 GPS. Thus, the total bandwidth is about 1.75 Gbps. It offers quality service and parental control.


The   Net gear router offers outstanding performance. These devices easily handle the demand of every computer and cell phone because of a powerful CPU that offers speed processing. The solid hardware available with advanced technology and bandwidth prioritization will never disappoint users and provide the smooth internet to browse content with speed.

The best wireless router 2019 is about 3 times faster than its predecessors and ensures smooth gaming. Plus, you can have an excellent 4K streaming experience. Thus, the best WIFI router supports multiple devices with almost no disruptions.

Another incredible feature that helps the Tp-link router to stand out in the market is the security. It uses the WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. Moreover, it includes the guest access feature also. You can turn on or off the guest WIFI or other functions by using Alexa control. Connect this year’s one of the best routers with a mobile app and use Alexa to control the device.

For any router device setup matters a lot. If you are unable to set the net gear router you can read the manual to set the tether app. In this way you will be able to initiate it in minutes, you can manage your WIFI. Moreover, you manage it remotely through the cloud.

Compatibility of the Wireless Router

To set the Tp-link router you must assure that your device matches the system requirements. The compatible OS includes Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, 2000, and Windows 98 SES. Moreover, it is compatible with Mac, NetWare UNIX, or Linux.

Frequency and User Interface

The frequency of the Tp-link ac1750 smart WIFI router is the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. The protocols that the best router supports are IPv4 and IPv6.

Tp-link router also includes a USB port through which you can easily share files and media with the remote or networked devices via the FTP server.

In short, the wireless router offers a wide range and is designed for online activities with high traffic. Plus, the Tp-link router helps to run the application with triple speed as compared to its predecessor.

  • Dual-band connections
  • 5GHz for HD streaming while 2.4 GHz for the strong and stable WIFI
  • USB connectivity
  • FTP server
  • Easy setup
  • Optimal file transfer performance
  • MU-MIM support is missing

Final Verdict

Team Review zila reviewed this model of Tp-link router and it is found to be an incredible device with dual-band connectivity. It offers fast browsing and best to connect multiple devices at one time. Moreover, it supports LAN and USB ports. Plus, there are available plenty of settings that help in managing your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

By using the pin, press the reset button present on the rear of the wireless router. Release it after 6 to 8 seconds. It will reboot the device to factory default settings.

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the Tp-link router with your computer.
  • Open the browser and head over to Tp-link official website or 
  • Set your router login and password. Usually, it is admin
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed to complete the setup.
  • Click finish

Now your device is ready to provide you internet access.

  • Connect the WIFI router and open the browsers.
  • Now go to address
  • Now add username and password
  • Done

Connect the router and go to the settings menus. Now open the System Tools firmware upgrade. Then click on the file to find the extracted firmware file and open it and click on the upgrade button to reboot the device and it will automatically be upgraded with new settings and features.

To configure the wireless router, open the settings, and configure the SSID. Now click on save to configure the router. For WPA/ WPA2 open the wireless security and configure it.

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