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Human beings are drawn to safety and security. This need to keep safe is in our primal instincts. That’s why we always feel safe at home. But, sometimes even our houses don’t feel safe. The world as we know it is an unsafe place. People need a watchful eye to ensure security. This is important for any home.

Having good video surveillance equipment installed in the home is the best security measure for any homeowner. You can keep watch over your things from both inside and outside the house. It’s just like having an extra pair of eyes. These cameras have seen a drastic change from extreme measures they have now become a necessity for homeowners.

To help homeowners we have tested many camera manufacturers and their products. Wyze cam is the best camera we have for home security. It is an excellent camera because it’s economically lower in the budget and has amazing functionality. This camera will be your money worth out of other models.

Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera

The features on the appliance set it apart from others. Especially for Wyze Cam v2 .These features include a large variety of options that can range from motion detection to clear sound recording. The features are listed below:

Record everything in 1080p

The cameras come into two different types one is for outdoor and the other is for indoor. Wyze Cam for outdoors has the best lens. While Wyze cam for indoors is designed to record videos in 1080p crystal clear quality. The video can be live-streamed to any mobile device using the mobile application. People can look inside their homes anytime they want. The mobile application also acts as a video conferencing call and allows two-way communication.

Movement detection with camera tracking

Wyze cam pan automatically allows the camera to record a clip of any sudden motion. The lens can lock on moving objects for better tracking which recording. This clip is directly saved on cloud servers. There it is available for 14 days and can be viewed through the app. Alerts can be linked to notify the users about the clips. Wyze cam pan is a top-quality motion detection system. This ensures that users are always aware of any sudden happenings. No more need to constantly look at a screen with the Wyze cam pan.

Night vision technology

The camera is fitted with a night vision mode which enables the cameras to record anything in a 30 feet field of vision. This is what makes it a great Wyzecam for outdoors. This can help people see in complete darkness outside their house using IR and LED technology.

Voice activation and video sharing

The device is compatible with smart home appliances like Google Assistant and Alexa. People can ask to see the door? The video of the door will be shown on the screen. Wyzecam for outdoors is a perfect choice. This enables the cameras to link smart network information with family sharing.

All users can post Wyze cam review as customer feedback. The company can use them to enhance the video recording capabilities. They can access data but need to sign up on the app and join the main account and that’s it.

  • Clear vision in Night and clear day vision
  • Footage can be live-streamed and recorded for up to 14 days
  • Alert notification for quick response in case of emergency
  • Crystal clear video and sound quality.
  • Can be attacked on any wall surface
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Voice activation
  • The surface attraction might fail in some time
  • Limited storage options
  • The app does freeze sometimes
  • Some features need a Wyze application to unlock


The Wyze Cam v2 delivers faster, more vibrant, and extremity detailed video recordings. The camera can work great for live stream recording. The saved footage can be directly linked to any smartphone. Wyze Cam v2 is the next generation of surveillance and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wyze cam sellers are found to be the best. You can check the price and buy from Amazon with the help of check Price button above mentioned. 

There are a lot of options available. But you should pick the version that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a camera for a shop try out indoor cameras. If you want a camera for security then a combination of indoor and outdoor Wyze cam would be fine.

Yes, they are completely safe. The videos that are recording are encrypted from end to end. The cameras also have cloud storage which means only authorized personnel can access the footage.

The Wyze cam models are water resistant which means they can survive a lite drizzle but aren’t ready for a rainstorm. The Wyze cam for outdoors is also great for capturing video around shallow lakes. This should go without saying but don’t try to drop them in.

Wyze Cam v2 is the advanced version of the previous cameras from wyze. They come with more prominent features and help it become a better surveillance tool. We can see this is the Wyze cam reviews.

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