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Are you weight-conscious these days? Do you want to enjoy fried items but your obesity does not allow you to eat the fried chicken? Then why not buy the air fryer. It is the best alternative to a deep fryer. It is because you get the same taste as you get from the deep fryer. It is an awesome invention in the modern era; you get healthy food without excessive oil content. Thus, the best air fryers make a perfect match for your cooking.

If you want to buy the air fryer then buy the one from the Cosori brand. The Cosori air fryer reviews show that it is the best machine in which you can cook chicken, vegetables, and make delicious cakes. Thus it offers you a convenient and healthy cooking experience. The key features that make it a perfect option for you are given below.


The Cosori air fryer is made with a stainless steel body. The black body with a square shape looks stylish and has a compact size. You can fit it in any small space and enjoy cooking meals. The stainless steel design is the best fit for your kitchen.


You can enjoy a lot of Cosori air fryer recipes because the machine comes not only with a basket but also with other accessories. It includes the dual-layer rack and 4 skewers. Mean you not only steam chicken or vegetables but also make the grilled meat as well as shashlik on the skewers. Moreover, you can get BBQ like chicken on an air fryer also. You cook food in it and will find it crispier as well as tasty.


The air fryer reviews are quite satisfactory because of the smart functions. Its main feature is it comes with a touch system. You can set it according to the type of food you are going to cook in it. Moreover, there is a present alarm system that reminds you to shake your food and prevent it from overcooking. Furthermore, there is a time button and temperature range option. You can set the temperature between 170 to 400 degrees. Plus, for your convenience, you can convert temperature between F and C.


Thanks to 360-degree air circulation technology that provides you the best and healthy food. It evenly distributes the heat and forms the crisp and crunch similarly which you get from the deep fryer. Because of less usage of oil, air fryer-cooked food is an ideal option for people suffering from high cholesterol or blood pressure. 

Cosori air fryer reviews are positive and satisfactory by the people having diabetes, high BP, or another health issue due to which they are unable to enjoy the high oily food. They now enjoy their favorite crispy fried chicken, and fish without having a lot of oil in them.

The air fryer automatically shuts off and prevents overheating of the machine. Moreover, a cool touch button prevents any accident.


The best air fryer Cosori is very easy to maintain and clean. Simply take out the detachable basket and keep it in the dishwasher. Moreover, you can hand wash by using the dish detergent. 


The air fryer reviews have revealed it is the best machine you should have in your kitchen. Cosori air fryer is an optimal performing machine. You can cook more than 100 recipes in this machine. For your convenience, the company adds the recipe book. You can follow and enjoy the benefits of this best air fryer.  

It takes 120 v and 1500 W power energy to run the machine.

  • Nonstick basket
  • Cool design
  • Compact
  • Grill and skewers accessories
  • A digital pad is somewhat inconvenient to adjust time and temperature simultaneously.

Final Verdict

Cosori air fryer makes a perfect match with your cooking needs. It comes with all features that you expect in the best air fryer.  It is a durable, stylish, smart and optimal performing machine. ReviewZila has done a Cosori air fryer review and concludes that it is best among its competitors. It allows your convenient time and temperature setting. Plus, you can cook more than 100 recipes and enjoy oil-free plus healthy meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air fryer works with 360-degree air rotation. It rotates the hot air at a specific temperature and cooks the food deeply. To get the best performance you should adjust the right time and temperature. Try to change the position while cooking so all sides get cooked uniformly.

An air fryer is the latest technology frying gadget that functions to cook a meal and give the same taste as a fried item. But it does not use oil to fry the food rather it uses high heat to tender the meal.

To use an air fryer, keep the food in the basket or adjust on the grill or the skewers. Now place the basket back to position. Adjust the temperature and time. Moreover, you can preheat before placing food like chicken, beef, or fish.

Cosori air fryer is one of the best air fryers in the market. It is because it is durable, safe to use, digital, and comes with accessories so you can cook different food items.

Airfryer comes with a detachable basket so you can easily remove and place it in the dishwasher. Moreover, you can wash it under tap water. Moreover, you can remove stains from inside the air fryer body by using a damp cloth. Outside of the air fryer is stainless steel and does not get a fingerprint impression. Thus just use the damp cloth and then remove the stains or dust.

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