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Are you a fishing enthusiast? Do you love to go fishing in winter to enjoy one of the best meals in winter? The lake is far from your home and you need to store the fish to prevent it from getting stale? Then why not buy a fishing cooler the best thing that will keep your fish preserved and has a tendency to keep ice for many days.

Now you may be thinking which fish cooler bag or box is best then you should prefer the igloo fishing cooler. It is an ideal, compact, durable, and easy to handle ice storage container in which you easily keep your fish fresh for at least five days. You will find no ice melting as the cooling technology keeps the ice in it for a maximum of five days.

 Few features that make the igloo ice cooler the best choice for the fishermen are discussed below.


The fishing cooler is a heavy-duty a cooling source having a nice and decent design. You can easily carry it with you at the fishing point because of its compact size and blow-molded construction. The box is quite durable because of the sturdy BMX body. Although it is light in weight yet the robust design gives it strength and long life.

The best thing about the material of the BMX cooler box is that it is resistant to rust, and other environmental factors. It does not allow penetration of sun rays, dust, and debris inside the box.

Moreover, for maximum ice retention, the fish cooler bag is lined with extra thick foam. This not only adds the strength rather acts as the source of insulation for the ice. Thus, the igloo fishing cooler is known as the best ice retention box.

Lid Design

The insulated fish cooler bags come with different types of lids but these do not act as an insulator. In the case of the igloo BMX cooler, the best thing is that it has rubberized T latches. It helps in providing complete security. It not only closes the box tightly but also acts as a guard against moisture and dust. Moreover, it does not allow heat to move inside the box. Additionally, the T latch is the type of lock so there is no fear that the lid will slip out or will be removed automatically. Rather than this, it stays firmly in position and you can carry the box with confidence. Because no jerks will open the lid as there is a need for a certain force to open the lid.

Easy-Grip And Carriage

The large fish cooler comes with oversized hinges as well as stainless steel screws. These keep the structure firm and secure. Moreover, the igloo BMX cooler has the swing up handles. This means when you need to carry it you can pull them up and get a firm grip. However, if you don’t need the handle you can keep them in a down position. The handles come with the stainless steel reinforcement. Plus, they have rubber grips so you have an easy handling experience without getting a strain on your hands.

Furthermore, the rubberized handle offers a non-slip and easy-grip experience. There is a present steel tethered cap, and threaded drain plug also. 

Igloo fishing cooler also features the skid pads that keep the corners protected and these do not get damaged if accidentally touched to some pointed surface.  Igloo BMX cooler reviews are positive because of the presence of the diamond plate metal insert. It adds additional durability as well as ruggedness. Thanks to cool riser technology that enhances the cooling performance and keeps the ice for five days even at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, there is present a fish ruler and four tie-down points in the insulated fish cooler bag that add convenience.

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent insulation
  • Sturdy
  • Rubber and non-slip grip
  • Compact in size
  • Cooler techno
  • Not for professional use

Final Verdict

The fishing cooler from the house of Igloo is in an exceptional quality product that keeps ice in solid form for five days. Review zila has checked many fish cooler bags.  Although all have different positive features but igloo BMX cooler have the wonderful options. You get all the cooling features in it that you expect in the best one. Buy this amazing cooler and keep your fish fresh as well as bottles cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can keep ice to keep the fish fresh and prevent it from getting stale.

Igloo cool riser technology helps to keep the ice in the solid form. It does not allow penetration of heat inside the cooler. Thus the complete insulation feature helps to take the cooler during long-distance traveling. You keep ice in it and with this technology, ice remains in the same condition and does not get melted.

For non-professionals, a compact size cooler like the igloo BMX cooler is the perfect option. One can easily place two or three fish of normal size in it.

Igloo BMX cooler is the best choice for most fishermen these days. It is all because of its durability, insulation, and compact design.

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