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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our main concern is the privacy of our visitors at Reviewzila that is accessible from https://reviewzila.com On this privacy policy page, we have the information about the data that how we use recorded information by Reviewzila.

In case, if you need any additional information or need any assistance with our privacy policy you can directly contact us at our email [email protected]

Log Files

When a visitor visits the website Reviewzila follows the standard procedure of using their log files. All the hosting companies follow this procedure because it is part of the hosting analytics. Most;y they collect the information of your IP address, ISP (internet service provider), your type of browser or possibly your number of clicks and date, stamp, referring pages, etc. these things and the information is not connected with any of your personal information. The basic purpose of the collection of this information is to make analytics, demographics to analyze the visitor’s behavior and movement on the site.¬†¬†

Cookies and Web Beacons

Similar to the other websites, Reviewzila is also doing the same procedure and uses cookies to collect the information of visitor’s behavior and the pages that he accessed or landed on that. it is just to make their experience better and if they face any trouble then we need to optimize the pages according to their type of browsers or other information that we have collected.

Our Advertising Partners

Our Advertising partners may use cookies on our website. Each of our advertising partners has its own privacy policy for its user’s data and information. To know about their privacies you can directly visit their sites.

Third-party privacy Policy

Third-party ad networks or servers may use the advanced technologies that appear on the Reviewzila like JavaScripts, Cookies, or web Beacons, these scripts are used to send it to the user’s browser directly. So, they will automatically record your IP address when this happens. These technologies have no misuse; they are just for the purpose of checking their ads campaign effectiveness and to make changes in their ads for the next campaigns.


Reviewzila has no any kind of access to these types of cookies that are used by third-party advertisers. Moreover, our (Reviewzila) Policy does not apply to any of the advertiser’s websites. Thus if you need any kind of info about these policies you can directly contact the advertiser’s ad server for more detailed information present there.

Furthermore, there is an option to disable the cookies on your specific browser in the setting options if you know. If you need more details about the management of the cookies you can directly type “what are cookies?” in your respective browser.

Children's Information

Basically, Reviewzilla is not collecting any personal information from children under the age of 13 because it is a review site. We are providing the best reviews about the products to help you to choose the best one that fits you and your needs. If you found your children are providing any kind of personal information then you can directly contact our support team. we will do our best to remove your information from our records.


This Privacy policy is only applicable to online users and for valid visitors who want to get the information from our website. This Privacy policy is not valid for offline users or any other channel.


When you are using our website, you contest our website privacy policy and agree to our terms and conditions.

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