Toshiba Fire TV Edition Review

toshiba fire tv review

Nowadays smart TV has taken the place of the old LCD TV. People now prefer to buy the TV with Smart technology. If you are looking for the fire TV edition with other built-in apps to enjoy movies, drams, and sports then the Insignia full HD TV from the house of Toshiba is the best option.

The new-generation TV is awesome as it comes with the Fire TV feature and a Voice remote control thus giving you full entertainment in free time.

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition offers endless entertainment because of the presence of a number of apps to watch about 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Moreover, it is a complete package for kids as it contains a lot of stuff for children also. Some other salient features of fire TV edition Smart TV that make it the best TV of the year include.


The smart TV with fire edition is a sleek and slim design that you can easily display on a wall or place on the tabletop. It comes in 24, 32 and 39 inches display size with excellent screen resolution. Toshiba Fire TV Review is satisfactory and defines the premium quality of the TV.

Screen Quality

 If we talk about the picture quality of the Toshiba fire edition TV we will find it awesome. The detail, rich contrast, brightness, and vibrant colors all are perfect to enjoy high definition movies or TV shows.


The latest technology Toshiba 43lf621u19 43-inch 4k ultra HD smart led TV hdr – fire TV edition features a simple yet complete interface. It comes with a Quad-core CPU that provides instant search results and response. The interface includes dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI port, and input/output options. For your convenience, you can change the name of input/output and adjust the picture quality accordingly,

Voice Over Feature

Another incredible feature of the Fire TV edition by Insignia is the voice-over feature. No need to click on the remote to search for the channel or to find your favorite video content. Rather, use Alexa to command for the TV show or movie from a particular app. Moreover, you can update your system by commanding Alexa as well as using the air software present in the TV functions.

How does Alexa work?

Alexa feature in the Toshiba fire TV edition works with a voice command. It is very easy to utilize this feature. Connect the antenna to your device and command Alexa to search for the particular channel or watch live on-air TV. Moreover, you can stream from the built-in catalog. On getting connected you will find the following apps on the TV that include Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and much more. Furthermore, you can subscribe to DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, AND other apps. Plus, you can connect to cable/ satellite as well as the gaming console by using any one of the three HDMI ports.

What do you enjoy?

On subscribing and connecting to the fire TV edition smart TV you can utilize the following key features

  • Health Apps And Programs

For health-conscious people, TV is the best option as you will find several fitness, yoga, and health-related apps. Thus, you can command Alexa to find fitness or workout-related apps. You can get them and watch favorite programs as well as practice yoga to stay healthy.

  • News

You can command Alexa to play News. You can listen to live news from your favorite channel and stay updated.

  • Kids And Family

In this section, you can find a lot of stuff for kids like cartoons, 3D movies, and games.

Thus, the insignia Fire TV edition is a complete TV with a variety of entertaining content. You can set your TV by reading the Toshiba fire TV edition manual and set it according to your choice.

  • Smart TV
  • Thousands of built-in apps related to different niches
  • Slim and stylish
  • Superior picture quality
  • Speaker and sound quality are somewhat compromised.

Final Thoughts

Fire TV edition is one of the best entertainment sources to kick out boring time. It comes with thousands of apps to keep you and your family entertained. Toshiba fire TV edition works with Alexa so you can command your TV to show particular programs. There are a lot of fire TV editions available in the market but ReviewZila found the Toshiba 43lf621u19 43-inch 4k ultra HD smart led TV hdr – fire TV edition best in the market. If you want a complete entertainment package then the Toshiba Fire edition makes a perfect match. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire TV Edition is the smart TV that comes with built-in apps related to fitness, sports, news, kids, entertainment, and live TV. Plus, it has an Alexa feature so you can control your TV via voice-over command without the hassle of remote control.

Fire TV edition by Toshiba is a smart TV that works with the Amazon fire apps. It is a complete entertainment solution and you get a variety to explore and watch.

The amazon fire TV gaming edition comes with a special controller to play games conveniently while it supports fire TV edition apps also. The Amazon fire TV comes with simple remote control and thousands of built-in apps.

To control your TV with Alexa switch on your TV and open the setting menu. Then move to Alexa and enable it. After that, you can use the voice-over control feature to control your TV via Alexa.

To connect the Kindle fire kid’s edition to the fire TV you need an HDMI cable. Connect the TV and kindle with this cable and enjoy the content from Kindle to the big screen of fire TV.

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